Jamal’s Argan comes from the thoughts, the ideas, the desire for something real … born from the meeting of two nations: Italy – Morocco.
The peculiarity of Jamal’s Argan lies in being thought by a man and a woman.

What makes Jamal’s unique Argan is the path he has taken to get to you.
On the market, you can find many products, which are given the name of Argan oil, but not always what we use is pure Argan.
Imitations or products with only a small part of Argan are many; also in Morocco, Argan land it is possible to buy products passed off for such, that in reality Argan are not.

Jamal thought that the only way to bring Argan to you was to go to the source: the Argania Spinosa tree.
It was not a simple route, arriving in Morocco, despite being himself Moroccan, led him to meet various realities.
He tried various products for you and none of them could be called pure Argan. Until his arrival in Essaouira, where he understood that the only way to bring up to you the real Argan, was to select directly from the native plant, which is born and grows only in the southwest of Morocco, in the region of Essaouira, the best drupes.
In Essaouira there are huge expanses of Argan trees.
And only after careful collection, Jamal entrusted only the best seeds to the hands of the expert berbere winegrowers. The same, then with rudimentary extractors, pressed the seeds to extract the oil that Jamal gives you. A 100% natural oil, for the care of your body in the most total manner. The properties of this oil and the benefits it can give you are known for centuries.
Jamal brought the product back to its natural state, without adding anything else. Only pure seeds collected from the Argania Spinosa tree. Nothing makes it look like imitations and products currently on the market.

Jamal gives you the true secret of Dorian Gray.


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